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Famous Italian Sandwiches

The “Old School” Italian Restaurant of Your Dreams

SANDWICH CO. Famous Italian Sandwiches is a love letter to the simple, classic, home cooked meal, that provided our fondest childhood memories and is the base of our restaurant.


Sandwich CO. Famous Italian Sandwiches is a love letter to the simple, classic, home cooked meal that provided our fondest childhood memories.

In different ways and in different parts of the country, we each had our own, intimate experiences of the food and culture that Italian immigrants brought to their new home.

As our family came to Canada they brought their recipes and traditions. We hope you’ll join us in enjoying our families love for food.

About Us

Sandwich Co. Famous Italian Sandwiches was a dream of two life long friends. Living their whole lives in woodbridge (the little Italy of Vaughan) they knew they had to bring their Italian heritage and food to Barrie.

With recipes passed down from her parents and grandparents (and their parents!) from Calabria, Italia, our chef has brought her unique homemade-style of cooking for you to not only taste, but to feel.

Italian cooking is a culture, and our fresh ingredients are the heart of our kitchen. Our homemade “Sugo” (Italian for tomato sauce) is something you’re sure to have never tried. The tomatoes are hand-picked and cooked the same way they have been from the generations before.

Hoping to franchise one day, Sandwich Co. Famous Italian Sandwiches is a family run business that has a small town feel with big hearts behind it.

Come with your family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere and homemade cooking.

Hours & Location

131 Saunders Rd, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Opening hours

Sunday Closed
Monday 10AM-6PM
Tuesday 10AM-6PM
Wednesday 10AM-6PM
Thursday 10AM-6PM
Friday 10AM-6PM
Saturday Closed

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131 Saunders Rd, Barrie, Ontario, Canada

Contact:  (705) 896-2233

Instagram @sandwichco_barrie

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